Inspired by Pharrell's and We Are L.A.'s video for Happy and their 24 Hours of Happy project, my name's Geoffrey Stevens and I'm shooting various New Yorkers all over the city in places and neighborhoods that make them happy. Or bringing the happy to places and people that could use some.

Interested in participating? Have an idea for an unusual or unique location for a video? Contact me at geoffreystevens at gmail dot com or via Twitter @happyinnyc today!
Friday, October 17

I actually shot this one-take video the other night while everyone was dancing to The Bee Gee’s “You Should Be Dancing,” but then I set it to Pharrell’s “Gust Of Wind” today just for fun to see how it fit, and wouldn’t you know, in a weird way it actually kind of works! 

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Wednesday, October 8


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Wednesday, September 24

I’ve been making a series of night dancing music videos all around NYC with Abby Holland for the upcoming webseries we’re making together, The Return Of Saturn. This one was shot by the Irish Hunger Memorial in Lower Manhattan and set to John Legend’s “Green Light.” Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 18


I uploaded this to Youtube last month and it was immediately blocked worldwide because of the music, but then just the other day the block was somehow miraculously lifted, so please go ahead now and enjoy it in all its full HD 1080p splendor.

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Thursday, August 14

This isn’t exactly a Happy In NYC video, but I wanted to share this new music video/passion project I’ve been working on the past month.

Have you heard the song Busy Earnin’ by this new British band called Jungle yet? Or seen the really cool music video for it? Feeling rather inspired by them, I wanted to make my own version of the video set where I live that featured some of the great dancers and talented performers I’ve been so fortunate to meet and work with this past year. Hopefully this video inspires some other cities to get in on the Busy Earnin’ action, too.

An enormous thank you to all the dancers and choreographers who made this video possible: Sydney Freggiaro, Anthony Rodriguez & The Door Dancers, Katie Lee Hill, Travis Artz-Grodzickyj. Hassan Christopher, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Šara Stranovsky, Victor Varnado & Férielle Zouari.

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Friday, June 13

Geoffrey Is Happy At The Happy In NYC Wrap Party

I stopped filming those Happy In NYC videos back in mid-April once I hit the 125 videos mark (I still can’t believe I shot that many!), but this past Monday I threw a big wrap party downtown for everyone who was in one or helped me out on the project. We actually got to have the party at The Slipper Room where I shot the very first video! Lots of folks would always ask me, “When are you gonna do one yourself?” and I’d say, “At the wrap party!” Well, I was true to my word. While I have many talents, dancing isn’t really one of them, so I wanted to at least entertain you guys and make you laugh for 4 minutes. I dialed it up to 11 and recruited a few friends to help me out (though plenty of unplanned things happened as well- as I’ve learned, you never know what’s gonna happen once the camera starts rolling and it’s one long continuous shot). I can’t always pull off “cool” very well, but “goofy and absurd” is never a problem! And I know I look like a total loon, but everything I’m wearing, from the Hakeem Olajuwon Rec Specs to the What About Bob t-shirt, has some special significance or interesting memory attached to it.

Thank you again to all the folks who brought their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to this project to help bring it to life. Even when I got pretty sick in the middle of March for a few weeks, I kept on shooting every day like a total madman. I’ve never worked on something like this before where I got to meet and collaborate with a completely different group of people every day, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

And to all of you who watched the videos, liked them and shared them with your friends and family, I can’t thank enough for your encouragement and support. I was actually first inspired to start this whole project as a way to honor and remember my mom, Tommie, who passed away very suddenly last April. I don’t want to get too schmaltzy, but I just want to say that while it has been a very difficult year for me, my brother and our family, my mom always told me that, no matter what, she just wanted me to be HAPPY, and I know she would have absolutely loved and enjoyed this whole Happy In NYC project so much.

Thanks for help spreading the love and creating such cool and positive memories with me. This New York City place is kinder, friendlier and more supportive than you think!

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Tuesday, June 10


Well, here it is! The final Happy In NYC March/April Supercut video made from all 70 videos I shot around  the city during the months of March and April. Thank you so much to all the talented people who donated their time, energy, and creativity to make this project come alive.

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Monday, April 28

Comedian/Improviser Jackie Jennings Is Happy All Over The Place In Lower Manhattan.

We started out trying to make a tongue-in-cheek homage to Girl Walk // All Day, but when the Staten Island Ferry staff and security made us stop filming about 15 seconds into the video, Jackie and I improvised and made something a little different. The wind and the rain wasn’t exactly helping, but we shot some up on the top level of the boat away from the ferry workers, and after we got off the boat we filmed in another Girl Walk spot in front of the Native American Museum in Bowling Green Park.

You just can’t stop Jackie Jennings from being happy and dancing, guys!

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The Folks At Union Theological Seminary Are Happy In NYC

It’s not every day you get to shoot in such a majestic and gorgeous building and get to work with such a nice and enthusiastic group of people. Every Friday afternoon should be just like this! 

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Monday, April 21

Zoë and her son Luke are happy by the Carroll St. Bridge in Gowanus, Brooklyn

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